The Platinum Package

This is our most popular package. Everything you need to successfully market your property -- our Virtual Tours are immersive and interactive in full 4K quality. High-resolution aerials will give context to your listing and will help highlight key selling points. 

Price is fixed and is not based on house size.

  • 1 Immersive and Interactive Home Tour (hosting for first 6 months)
  • 20-25 Photos Interior
  • 2 Exterior Photos
  • 4 Aerial Photos



The Gold Package

With a wide range of specialized lights and High Dynamic Photography techniques, we will make any listing POP!

This package gives you all the photos you would get in a Virtual Home Tour Package except without the Virtual Home Tour hosting. The same time and technique will go into this package and you will receive up to 20 2D high-resolution photographs.

  • 20-25 Photos Interior
  • 2 Exterior Photos




Package Enhancers


Extended Hosting for Matterport Tour

Our Platinum packages include six months of hosting before it is no longer accessible. Additional hosting time can be purchased.

  • 3 months


Additional Aerial Photos

Add some Aerial photographs to your order to give context to the surroundings of your listing. Show off that beach, or how close the listing is to grocery stores or main streets. photoSRQ uses the most up to date drones that are commercially available, each equipped with 4k cameras. All photos are color corrected and edited before delivery. 

  • 8 aerial photographs


À la carte Options


Highlight Reel Slideshow

An intuitive, motion graphics field slideshow of your listing can be created using photos from one of the packages listed above. These highlight reels are perfect for social media sharing.



Floor Plan Schematics

Give your client something more than what the next listing agent is offering. These accurate floorplans are incredibly useful to potential buyers and are offered at a fraction of the cost. Don't make your client dig through old boxes looking for old floor plans. These crisp and clean schematics are what buyers want to see when considering a new home.



Interior/Exterior Video

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million dollars.

Using 4k stabilized video cameras, a technician will take prospective home buyers on a grand tour through your listing. Aerial footage will be utilized throughout to give context to the surrounding area. Tell your technician what details you want to be highlighted and text will be overlayed. Motion tracking and graphics are included at no extra charge.

  • A 2-3 minute long video with ground and aerial footage



Twilight Photography

Get that magic hour look right before and after the sun goes down. Wow buyers with a magical view of the front of your listing.

  • 1 Photo



Agent Branding

Looking for something to draw in sellers? photoSRQ now offers Realtor Showcases.

Take previous listings and have them displayed in an attention-grabbing and contemporary video. Realtor Showcases are perfect for viral marketing on Instagram and Facebook. One of our technicians will compile video of previously sold properties and get dynamic drone footage to add to the video.

  • 1 dynamic Realtor Showcase


Single Listing Site

A new stand-alone web page will be created with all of your listings photos, videos, virtual home tours, and listing attributes. Listings will be shown on interactive Google Maps and will show nearby school districts. The page will also be branded with the listing agent's photo and contact information. These Single Listing Sites have all the information you want to highlight wrapped up in them and are perfect for viral marketing.

  • 1 Single Listing Webpage


The Diamond Package

Like everything we offer? Buy all at once and save!

  • 1 Immersive and Interactive Home Tour
  • Matterport Tour Hosting For 1 Year
  • 20-25 Photos Interior
  • 2 Exterior Photos
  • 8 Aerial Photos
  • 1 Highlight Reel Slideshow
  • 1 Floor Plan
  • 1 Interior Exterior Video
  • Twilight Photography
  • An Agent Branding Video
  • 1 Single Listing Site


SAVE $190!


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